May 4, 2011

Aama’s Steakhouse – MQ

Aama’s Steakhouse (Telephone: 9677 8541) is a new steakhouse is MQ located somewhere near Pavo Real and restaurants in that area. Aama is supposed to be one of the words in Arabic for mother – so that name of the place is something like Mom’s Steakhouse.

The seating is Amaa’s is pretty nice and very spacious. The restaurant has some funny American-Omani fusion theme, so there are bikes and guitars and other random things, along with a huge photograph of the Sultan Qaboos in the middle and random framed khanjars. I am undecided on whether or not the theme makes any sense, but it is interesting to look at at least.

Even though Amaa’s has opened for a few months now, its menu is not finalized yet. They don’t have a written drinks or desserts menu, but they have a temporary menu for main courses and starters. For the starter we ordered Quesadilla (RO 2.900) which I thought was quite nice, though not exactly very memorable.

Amaa’s has a very small selection of steaks, but you can customize them by choosing what two sides to have with steak and what sauce to have it cooked in. I ordered a Ribeye steak with cooked vegetables, french fries, and garlic mushroom sauce. (RO 6.900). I thought that their steak was great, even though it didn’t seem to be exactly consistently cooked as I ordered my well done, but somehow some sections of it were not cooked as much as the rest. I still thought that it was great, the portions were a lot, and I really liked the sauce even though I’m not a big fan of mushrooms.

Amaa’s didn’t have a written dessert menu, but they told us that they had an Oreo Fudge Brownie (RO 1.300), which I unfortunately didn’t like because the ice cream was coffee flavoured or something – It was just too bitter and not exactly my cup of tea. Amaa’s again doesn’t have a written drinks menu, they told me what they had, and I ordered a Cranberry Cooler (RO 1.900) which I frankly didn’t like much either!

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 steaks, a dessert, 2 drinks, and 1 bottle of water, our bill was RO 23.100.

I thought that the service at Amaa’s was good, the waiters seemed very friendly and our orders came quickly. My steak didn’t come exactly like I ordered (wasn’t consistently cooked like I asked), but that wasn’t a major blooper for me.

I am surprised that Amaa’s still doesn’t have a proper menu yet even though it has been open for a while now. I had a pleasant overall experience, even though I didn’t like the dessert or the drink I got, but I am sure they have other drinks and desserts. I recommend this place for those who want to go to a steakhouse in MQ.