Feb 8, 2013

360 – Ghala


360 (Telephone: 2459 0398 – Map) is a restaurant and luxury shisha lounge in Ghala. The location of 360 is a bit unusual, it is on the penthouse of a building called Al Nahdha Towers in Ghala, the huge building with the blue light outline on top that can be seen from the Sultan Qaboos Road. The easiest way to get to 360 is to drive to Al Athaiba Bridge next to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, and then take the Ghala service road running along the Sultan Qaboos Road going towards Seeb. You simply drive on that road until you see the building with the blue light on top and turn towards it. Al Nahdha Towers has a branch of Bank Muscat below. 360 is located in the other side at the penthouse.

360 - Dinning Hall

The seating area of 360 is huge, the restaurant has circular indoors hall and has two outdoors dining areas. A lot of attention has been paid to the details and lighting making the place look really nice. We sat outside in the non-smoking area and it had a nice view of the Sultan Qaboos Road and Athaiba. 360 is a bit annoying because they insist that you have to make a booking before you come, but when we arrived at night barely anybody else besides us was at the restaurant. The place is still relatively new and it is not clear what kind of crowd it will attract. 360 has a special shisha section, but we sat in the other section as we do not smoke.

360 - Chicken Wings

The menu of 360 is too long and has something from every single cuisine you can think of. There are technically three menus, the main menu, the snacks shisha menu, and the sushi menu. I am not sure if you can order from the snacks shisha menu when dining inside, and I believe that sushi is only served at night. There is also a teppanyaki station for live Japanese grills. We had a difficult time selecting our food because the menu(s) were way too long. We ended up taking a variety of starters and sharing them to try out different things.

360 - Calamari

The first item we got was a portion of Buffalo Chicken Wings (RO 4.000), I liked the dressing and taste of the wings, but I thought that they were not meaty enough for my liking. We then got a portion of Calamari Fritti (RO 3.000) which came as a plate of fried calamari and sweet and sour dip, I enjoyed this dish more and thought that the calamari was well done and not oily at all.

360 - Sushi

We ordered a plate of Crispy California Maki (RO 8.000) which I thought was really great, the sushi was crispy and had a nice spicy kick to it even without the need to use the wasabi. I liked it a lot. We also had an Ensalad Caesar Salad (RO 2.000) which I thought was nice, but not exactly very memorable. We had no issues  with it.

360 - Salad360 - Strawberry Cheesecake

For the dessert we had a Strawberry Cheesecake (RO 4.000) which I thought was nice and rich in flavor, but a tiny bit too cheesy for my liking.

In total we ordered 2 starters, 1 salad, 1 sushi roll, 1 dessert and 1 large bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 25.425.

I thought that the service at 360 was alright, our food didn’t take a lot of time to arrive and came as ordered, but we weren’t offered chopsticks with our sushi and had to specifically ask for it. It was also a bit difficult to get someone later to take our dessert order and our dessert took a really really long time to arrive.

I still thought that we had a good overall experience at 360, the food was good and I really liked my sushi a lot. The outdoor view is also great at night when the weather is nice and can make up for a very relaxing evening.

The feedback I have heard about 360 has been mixed so far, I personally enjoyed my time there, has anybody else been? What do you guys think of it?

  • albarood

    I got bad service. it took very long time to arrive and the food wasn’t tasty that much

  • Moosa

    I don’t agree with the statement “it has something from every single cuisine you can think of”. as they do not have Any options suitable for vegetarians (although they mentioned vegetarian cuisine in their official facebook page, which is really misleading and incorrect). Plus, the food orders arrived at very long time gaps which is very inconvenient as some have finished their plates while some just started. Other than that, the food quality is just average (there is no unique taste or texture that you will remember for long). Otherwise I agree on everything else you said, especially the interior design 🙂

  • jumana

    bad service , new management

  • jumana

    BAD BAD BAD SERVICE !1stly , the tall guy down when u get into the building is a brainless chap,DONT TRUST Him ,he told us the restrnt was full when we got up just to see the place ,HALF THE RESTRNT WAS EMPTY AND IT WAS JUST 10;30 maybe he wanted to go home early . 2ndly the waiter is another bafoon , we were lil late on a weekend ,he comes and says madam pls order quickly we are closing the kitchen , HOW RUDE ! !CRAZY PEOPLE , FOOD IS FINE , BUT SERVICE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBBLE DONT EXPECT GOOD SERVICE EXCEPT FROM THE FEMALE WAITRESS , THEY R GOOD ,

  • jumana

    moosa and albarood you guys are right !BADDDD SERVICE !! DONT GO THERE ON WEEKEND TO SPOIL UR MOOD !

  • Richard

    I went there with my wife a few months ago when it first opened because Andy in Oman wrote a gushing review. We had a pretty poor dining experience and commented about it on his blog. After making a few insulting comments about me, he refused to post my last response (what ever happened to the right of reply?). The irony is he accused me of having a vested interest and working for an “opposing restaurant”. Take one look at his new Valentine’s Day Offer review of 360 and you will notice it seems suspiciously like an advert. I think that boy is getting too big for his blog.

  • @d394c35a740eae19694b585a47327e1b:disqus hey Richard, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I think Andy likes to keep the comments on his website positive, I don’t think it was something personal against you. With that being said, be assured that the Omani Cuisine does not censor its members (except in instances of potential legal liability).

    I personally had a good experience at 360, but from what I heard from people I know, and from the comments above, it seems that not a lot of people had the same experience as me.

  • Hey @8be6d14dd6ab17f1d06d9b286e145a42:disqus , are you sure they didn’t have any vegetarian options? I’m sure they must’ve had salads and vegetarian sushi (maki).

  • vikram

    Im a vegetarian and been to 360 awhile back. They literally have very few options and I personally think they are a bit cobfused on what they serve.

  • Richard

    Thanks Blu Chi. It’s not being insulted that bothers me, it’s not having my response posted. I wrote him two emails complaining but he didn’t even have the grace to reply.

    I have always found this website to be very fair and objective and an invaluable source of information on restaurants in Muscat. I am on a mission at the moment to try all the restaurants in my local area. There are lots of interesting experiences to be had.

    Have you found any good restaurants outside Muscat? it would be good to find places worth going for a longer drive to.

  • @d394c35a740eae19694b585a47327e1b:disqus to be honest I can’t think of a restaurant that is worth a drive outside Muscat, but if you plan a day trip to Musannah the restaurants in hotel Millennium are nice, also in Sohar there is an Asian restaurant called Mandarin located in Sohar Plaza (where the cinema is) which is very decent – I eat there all the time when I’m in Sohar.

  • although your review is quite positive, all those replies make me have second thoughts about visiting this place! :s

  • Alan

    I ate their a couple of months ago and had sushi as a starter and the Tepinaiyki as my main course and thought both were sensational. I had heard from a friend who had visited a few weeks previously not to bother with the larger menu as it was average and I am glad I followed his advice. I thought the service on the night in question was pretty poor but believe that was due to the restaurants recent opening. I would certainly return but would be ordering sushi and Tepinaiyiki again.

  • Moosa

    @blue_chi:disqus, unfrotunately Maki was not available when I asked, and so I was left with only 1 choice and that was a pasta from the main dishes in the whole menu.

  • Mohammed El-Khider

    Don’t be over dramatic lol.

    1st, I went there too, and the reason the tall guy said it’s full although the restaurant was half empty it’s cuz they were recently opened and they didn’t have full staff so they used only half the restaurant. If you asked the tall guy he would’ve explained, he’s not brainless!!

    2nd, in every restaurant they warn you that the kitchen will be closing, so it wasn’t rude. it’s just a normal thing. would u prefer just sitting there then when you finally decide to order the waiter will tell you “Sorry kitchen closed”!!

    Honestly, i think you are the crazy person from your comment 😛

  • Muscater

    I went there for dinner and my experience was VERY VERY VERY BAD! The waitresseswere not nice not welcoming; the food took very long time and when it came it was so damn cold.. we never received our drinks as well although we asked for it twice.. and when the bill came the drinks were counted! so we had to assk them to remove it from the bill as we DID NOT recive it yetw.
    ME HATE! will never go there again!

  • Mohammed

    Good reception
    Good food
    Good beverage
    V. V. BAD COOKING SMOKE ALL AROUND LIKE YOU’RE SETTING IN THE KITCHEN, Causing eyes and throat irritation sometimes, you Have to change your clothes before going anywhere else
    Waitresses don’t know where the plates are going
    Fare Value for money $$$$$$$

  • Sama

    loved my sushi but the tax was too high

  • Abdulaziz alrawahi

    I’ve been to this restaurant once, I selected something from the Indian cuisine, it was ok, nothing special, I was not interested to go back to it again!

  • N^2

    Oh 360 is one of my worst experiences ever. We had to book way back, but were told that we have to book the buffet option only which was weird and once we arrived there we saw people ordering normally from the menu when WE were told was not available that night! (Eid Night)

    The place is big and looks really nice and although it was almost a full house the service was good. The food of the buffet as expected was bland and average and personally I went for the sushi all night, they had some nice tasty selection of sushi. The price we had to pay per person was 20+ rials and we were around 12 people I think and it was expensive for the quality of food we had. (Except the sushi)

    Not gonna go back there anytime soon.

  • El

    Tried it a few times as well as for iftar but the only positive memorable experience was an Asian chef coooking in front of you, who is not available at all times though. However, my last time ever with them was before Ramadhan when, apart from the favorite Tokyo Taro and Wasabi Sushi, I made a mistake of having their salmon sushi. Apparently, the salmon was not fresh but expertly hidden under a hot (?) sauce – must have been an Indian trick. Ended up at hospital with severe fever, food poisoning, and all other attributes of it. The hospital bill summed around OMR 300. Thanks, 360!