Oct 26, 2018

Savannah BBQ – Panorama Mall

Savannah BBQ (+968 24 591936) is an African restaurant located in Panorama Mall in Al Ghubrah . I love their concept of “creating a cuisine with roots in Africa that celebrated the historical ties between Oman and Africa in the 19th century.” We had planned to go to Yellow Chilli but Savannah BBQ was opposite and it looked inviting so we decided to try something different and go for another cuisine that day.

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Sep 8, 2018

The Steak Company – Bareeq Al Shatti

This review happened during Ramadan 2018 when I dropped by The Steak Company in Bareeq Al Shatti (255555). We have reviewed The Steak Company in a previous review but I wanted to try it at a different time of year; Ramadan.

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Aug 17, 2018

Wagamama – Al Qurum

When Wagamama (24561010) opened in Oman, it opened with a bang.  All kinds of social media coverage, adverts and talks went on to highlight the opening of Wagamama by Bin Mirza International.  Wagamama is a Japanese/Asian fusion chain restaurant located opposite Second Cup and is part of Al Qurum Complex in Al Qurm.  It was newly opened when I went and has enjoyed a packed restaurant as observed most nights due to the buzz surrounding it.

When we first arrived to the restaurant on a Thursday night, the acoustics of the place reflected the sheer amount of people in the room as it was very loud.  There were no tables available so we needed to wait a few minutes for one to be free.  As we had a baby with us, we stepped out of the small waiting area which was already filled with awaiting diners.  I thought it was odd that they didn’t take our names or our numbers to let us know when a table would be ready as there were many different parties waiting.  We went back inside after 10 minutes and were informed that our table was ready.  A hostess escorted us to our table through a maze of tables to our table.

Wagamama’s interior was well lit, minimalistic and classy.  Its tables were all wooden and unlike many other Wagamama’s that I’ve seen around the world, rather than primarily long communal wooden tables, it had traditional smaller tables for each group most likely to cater for the Omani customer.  It had a long workstation at the back of the restaurant where you could see the chefs and cooks in the kitchen preparing all your dishes.  I think the interior is definitely one of the most pleasant interiors for a restaurant like Wagamama.

The menu was extensive and they had many mouth-watering choices to choose from.  We chose their Chicken Dimsum (3.000 OMR), Chicken Katsu Curry (5.900 OMR) and Miso Salmon with Quinoa (No details for price but around 6-7 OMR).  For drinks, we ordered a Mint Lemonade (2.500 OMR).

The drink came out first and this was my favourite item that Wagamama served (It may be bad that my favourite item was not the food!).  It was very refreshing and tasty.  I would order it again in a heartbeat.

The first food dish to come out was the Chicken Dim Sums.  They were good but ordinary.  The sauce was flavourful.  The problem was that I have had better dim sums in Oman.

The next to come out was the Chicken Katsu Curry.  I’ve had this at other Wagamama restaurants around the world, so I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t exactly the same.  I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was different but it was different to what I remembered.  Don’t get me wrong, this was still a good dish but it could have been better!

Next came the Miso Salmon with Quinoa.  I thought the salmon was cooked very nicely.  It was seared so it had a nice flavour but I really didn’t get the miso flavour too much.  It also wasn’t very filling for that portion size for my partner.  I wouldn’t order this again as I feel that they would most likely have better things on their menu.

The service at Wagamama was impeccable.  There was a real attention to detail and a genuine friendliness about them that I liked.

The total bill of our dishes came out to 19.215 which is on the higher side of the range of what we usually pay for a restaurant similar to this.

Although I didn’t love the dishes, I loved the general atmosphere of Wagamama and would come back to try some more of their dishes.

Note:  We have since returned to Wagamama and ordered two different dishes; Firecracker Shrimp and Steak Bulgogi.  We didn’t like either dish.  They have also since removed Miso Salmon with Quinoa from their menu.

Feb 18, 2018

Hayat’s Restaurant – Al Qurum

As a healthy food blogger, I wanted to try out something closer to what I eat every day, so after hearing about Hayat’s Restaurant for a while, I decided to give it a go one Saturday afternoon. It is really difficult to find delicious and healthy food in Oman, so I was eager to try the food Hayat’s Restaurant would be serving. Hayat’s restaurant is located on Sayh Al Malih Street next door to Sauce Kitchen in Al Qurum. If you are heading towards PDO you pass this group of restaurants block in which Hayat’s Restaurant is among them.
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Nov 19, 2017

Greek Way- Baushar

Greek Way (2459 6439) is situated in a small neighbourhood in Baushar on Al Maha Street very close to Al Maha Petrol Station. It’s a bit hard to spot as the sign is black in colour and it is not prominent on the street. Greek Way serves traditional Greek food by a Greek chef and owner. Its slogan is “Authentic, Fresh and Homemade Greek food.”
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Nov 5, 2017

The Yellow Chilli – Panorama Mall

My name is Yasmeen and I am taking over the reviewing section of the Omani Cuisine website.   I am a long time foodie and love to post about my experiences in restaurants in Oman. This is my first review. Bon Appetit!

Located on the first floor of Panorama Mall, The Yellow Chilli (2458 2588- Panorama/ 2454 1717- Al Mouj) is a casual dining Indian restaurant with a twist created by the Indian celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The concept as stated by Sanjeev Kapoor is “5 star food at half the price.” There are over 40 of these chain restaurants around the world, as per the menu, with two of them being located in Oman; one at Panorama Mall and the other located at Al Mouj. Continue reading »

Aug 11, 2014

Thai Corner – Al Qurum

Thai Corner

Thai Corner (Telephone: 9898 2257 – [geolocation]) is a Thai restaurant in Al Qurum commercial area. The restaurant is located in one of the small building opposite Al Qurum Garden, the place is currently quite messy with a bit of construction going around, so it might not be too easy to find a parking spot near the restaurant.  Continue reading »

Aug 5, 2014

Trattoria – Al Asalah Towers


Trattoria (Telephone: 2421 0451 – [geolocation]) is a new Italian restaurant located in Al Asalah Towers, more commonly known as the Oxy building nowadays. There is no visible sign outside the building for Trattoria, it is located in the back on the opposite side of the building that has Barcelos. Trattoria shares restaurant space and the kitchen with a Chinese restaurant called Mamasan.

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May 31, 2014

Al Angham – Opera Galleria

Al Angham

I was recently invited to try Al Angham (Telephone: 22077777 [geolocation]) – the fine dining Omani restaurant in the Opera Galleria. The restaurant is located after the Indus on the stretch of restaurants attached to the main compound of the Royal Opera House. Al Angham does not allow walk-ins and you must book in advance if you would like to dine at this restaurant.
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May 27, 2014

Omani Cuisine Top 10 Restaurants – 2014

Top 10 - 2014

The crowds been demanding that we update our original list of top 10 favourite restaurants in Muscat, i.e. the restaurants that the Omani Cuisine loves to go to when we actually are not there to write a review. This list is similar to our 2012 list with a few changes, and as usual, the full review of these restaurants can be read by clicking on the links provided.

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